Our Guarantee

Hi Everyone, 

If you purchase a handbag from us on this site, we guarantee the bag for up to one year for the quality of zippers and straps. That means that if a strap breaks or something like that is related to the quality of manufacturing we will replace the bag. The guarantee does not cover things like stains on the leather from use. 

We suggest you store your Italian leather bag in a soft dust cloth, stuffed out and on a shelf in your closet.  Leather handbags should be stuffed out with paper to help retain their shape when not in use. Placing the bag in a dust bag while in storage is also recommended. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. 

To maximize use, try to rotate your bag with another bag every 1 or 2 months or just to change your look. When in use, avoid putting your bag on the floor of a restaurant instead hang it on a hook or your chair, or place it on the table. The leather on our bags is incredible but it will get stains if you place your bag on the floor during restaurant visits. (plus think of all the germs)

If you purchased one of our washed buffed calfskin bags such as the Firenze in red, the leather is made to have a more washed in a casual look and will scratch as part of the natural leather. That is not a defect, it is the way the leather was created for that particular look.

We hope you enjoy your purchase! 

Happy Shopping.







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